Jan 26, 2011

Musings of a non resident alien: Is a Dhaka topi more interesting than a thaili?

Scene: Conference room at an Office


S: The boss

E: Guy with big head

C: The nice guy, also with big head

J: Apparently quiet guy, secretly gang member

Sewa: Assistant from Nepal

Sewa has just got back from Nepal, and brought back Nepali thaili for the ladies and Dhaka topi for the men at her office.

Sewa: Hello guys, I have something for you.

Gives C and J a Dhaka topi each.

C: Oh, this is amazing, how do you wear it?

Proceeds to wear the cap with the middle pointing straight up, so that the cap is like a mountain. It is too small for him.

Sewa: Oh no, you need to push down the middle.

Just then, E comes in, wearing the biggest grin on his face, and his topi at the back of his head, which makes the hair on his forehead spike up. The topi is too small for him too.

C: Does it have to be as silly as his?

Sewa: Of course not.

Pushes the middle of cap down for both C and J. It fits J perfectly.

C: Can I have one with elastic so it fits me?

Sewa: No you can’t, you just have to get a bigger size.

C: Well, I can’t run down the square and get one!

Sewa: (Silly grin!)

C: So how do you wear this, actually?

Sewa: points at J, but immediately regrets it, as he has his topi at a rakish angle now, so that it is nearly falling off the side of his head.

C: Like that, like a gang member?

Sewa: J is so quiet; you would never know he was a gang member!

E: Yay, I have things from different parts of the world, a drum from Trinidad, a miniature surfing board from Costa Rica, and now a cap from Nepal.

C: But you still don’t know how to wear it!

C again: If I wore this hat with my pants and shirt and walked down the streets of Kathmandu, will I be thought a handsome man?

Sewa: (Silly grin!)

S comes out to check out the guys dressed in Dhaka topi.

S (pouting): And I thought my purse was cool!

Next day: Sewa sends the guys a picture of Nepalese people wearing daura suruwal topi, to demonstrate how it is worn. Does not realize it is a very informal picture with the topi pushed to the back of the head.

E: You see, I was right after all!

Sewa: No, that’s informal.

E: insists on wearing the topi at the back of his head so his hair forms a kind of halo over his forehead!

C (pointing at the suruwal): What is that? Skinny pants? Looks like the skinny jeans that we have here…

Sewa: You bet!

Next day: E has the topi in his car.

E: I wear it while I drive so I can avoid being pulled over….

Sewa: Huh?

E: If a police officer mistakes me for a porcupine, with my hair spiking out over the topi, then he won’t flag me!

Weeks later: C has put his topi atop his desktop lamp. Sewa wonders what that’s about, because no one is going to flag him at work. He says it is so that everyone can see it.

Another Week later: The topi is nowhere to be seen in C’s office. Sewa is sad that he doesn’t think it should be seen by anyone anymore.

Months later: Strangely, I thought the thailis would be more interesting that the topis, what with their complicated pairs of strings and all, but apparently not. I write the topi article and give it to E and C to read.

C: I was so touched that while home visiting your family that you took the time to think of us back here. (might as well thank her; she mentions that I said I am handsome!)

E: Official notice: I am documenting this e-mail as official misrepresentation of my completely genuine demonstration of excitement for my Nepali hat. You should have told me that my hair was sticking out like a porcupine. Also, I want to document that I experience extreme duress due to the fact that I momentarily believed that I had an abnormally large head only to find out that it was only a extra small Dhaka topi!!!!!

C: Could this be filmed in Bali-wood? Who would play me from Napal? He would have to be handsome…. By the way, my topi is in a box with my most treasured other things, so your spying was incorrect that I am not still proud of it. :-)

Sewa: You mean Kollywood… :P

E: I might also mention that I have a set of wooden presidential figurines from the Soviet Union.

Sewa: Thank you E and C, your responses were invaluable to the article.



~ bhoowan ~ said...

"Statutory Warning: Adventuring may be hazardous to health. Please do not sue me if you contract diarrhea."
-- ali bhayena hai...suggest some medicines for diarrhea or other related metabolic disorders...LOL

sewa said...

bhuwan ji, euta article ma arkai ko comment post gardine?
thank you for reading, i will provide remedies from next time :)

suryama said...

likes :)

sewa said...

thanks fore reading deary :)

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