Feb 25, 2011

Ramayn Poll Results

Dear Friends,
thank you for voting on my poll.
There were 14 voters, out of which

1 (7%) voted that Ramayana should be worshiped
1 (7%) voted that Ramayana should not be worshiped
12 (85%) voted that Ramayana should be viewed only as literature
1 (7%) voted that Ramayana should be banned for gender discrimination

I am thankful to Richa for the bold and radical step of banning the Ramayana, and I don't know who it is that said Ramayana should actually be worshiped. It is probably good that I don't know, coz if I did, I would ban you from my site, hehe.
I am glad that everyone else thinks Ramayan's literary aspect is more important than others.


Anonymous said...

madam you got your math wrong.

sewa said...

oh no no the math was automatically calculated

Arjuna Mahanayak said...

How disgusting... So you can't tolerate an opinion contrary to your own?

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