Mar 25, 2011

Favorite character from Unemployment diaries

Final poll results for favorite charactor from "Unemployment diaries" stands like this:

150 (15%)
315 (32%)
179 (18%)
363 (37%)
202 (20%)

Congratulations to Nikki who is the most popular character from the article!

Competition was very very stiff, and it included publicity campaigns from most members. In fact, it was such fun that I was inspired to write an entire article about it. Will be posting it as soon as it is approved by all characters.

Thank you everyone for support of this article, and for making this poll so phenomenal in the history of my blogging. Unemployment diaries shot to the top of my popular posts like in no time: usually it takes a week for an article to even appear on the list. I started out with 1100 viewers in total and by the end of the poll, viewership was at more than 3800. That was more than 2.5 times for one article than for all my earlier articles combined.

I gained four new followers and dozens of new readers through this campaign. I would like to thank my dear friends for their campaign efforts, most of all Lali, who campaigned to get my blog read as much as for votes. To my new readers, I would like to say thanks for reading, and keep visitng :)

Also, there were several mystery voters who voted in mysterious patterns: voting in bulk for certain members, most notably Lali and Rabina. We would very much like to know who these individuals are and thank them :)


Anonymous said...

learned a lot

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