Apr 15, 2011

Gender Bender Poll Results

It's official!!! The verdict is out!! Girls wanna see more guys in see through lace, like Shahrukh Khan in Suraj Hua Maddham! :)

I swear on SRK's left dimple that I didn't doctor the results! Is it my fault that he knows exactly what the ladies want? No wonder he is called King Khan!

If you want to know the official results, (though there is no reason to, since King Khan has already won and that is the most important part), the final results of the vote stand like this:

More colors
1 (6%)
Frills and ruffles
3 (18%)
5 (31%)
High Heels
2 (12%)
Make up
4 (25%)
Dresses etc.
1 (6%)

I personally was expecting more colors to win, coz that's the safest choice, but I was hoping for makeup and dresses, coz those were my preferences. Anyways, I m happy that lace came first and make up second. For Runner up, here I have a picture of Bill Kaulitz.

No, this is NOT a girl, its a male German singer, and the ladies have spoken: they want more pretty, made up guys like him! :) (Personally, this is my favorite made up guy ever, you can check out more of his pictures online, and be truly amazed at how beautiful he is!)

I would like to thank everyone for reading Gender Bender Dress Up. With minimal publicity, this article shot to the second of my popular posts list, displacing my personal favorite Panchakanya article. Also with minimal publicity, the poll generated a lot of votes, second only to the much hyped Unemployment Diaries. Dostet darum my readers!


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