May 11, 2011

Harry Potter Poll

I think blogger has gone mad. Because this poll was updated after it was closed. Anyways, if so, I thank blogger, and if not, I thank my ten readers who made the effort to vote in the last minute. The final results stand like this:

Sirius (Black) 8 (33%)

Remus Lupin 4 (16%)

Ginny aka Ginevra 6 (25%)

Albus (Dumbledore) 2 (8%)

Mnerva (Mcgonagall) 2 (8%)

Other 4 (16%)

My vote went to Ginny because the odd pronunciation of Ginevra was very interesting to me. Thank to Nimmu for reminding me of Hermione, and I know that she voted for "other". I don't know who were the other two that voted for other though, and names they found interesting. Wish they would tell me :)

Thank you everyone for reading and voting on my poll. This post was much fun to write and I am glad a lot of people enjoyed it.


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