Nov 16, 2011

Body Politics

With so much political activity going on in our country and every little group demanding their fair share of the mainstream, I wonder what would happen if our individual body parts started rebelling. What would each of them have to say about their marginalised place in society?

Feet: Since the dawn of time, we have been the most downtrodden and neglected part of the body. We have been discriminated against ever since Lord Brahma decreed that people of the lowest level are born from his feet! And the discrimination continues to this day. Once upon a time, it was considered a sign of respect to touch someone’s feet, but now no one touches any feet any more. This is no good. We must get the society to touch our feet once more, literally and figuratively. Let us go on a strike, and close down all movement of humans!

This is how lord Brahma decreed it!

Waist: Waists come in all shapes and sizes. The baby’s soft belly, the mother’s layered belly with a tier for each child, the boyfriend’s beer belly, the ascetic’s concave belly, and many others. And yet, it is only the smooth and sculpted six pack abs of models that are praised in society. The rest of us feel maligned and humiliated. We must campaign to bring all of us into the mainstream. The cute and lovable Lord Ganesh will be our mascot.

What a cute belly!

Eyes: I am tired of being the vapid symbol of the human face. Eyes are the most valued sense, and one of the most complicated organs in the body. So complicated, that once a baby is born, his eyes never grow in size, in case growth messes up the configuration. Because we are so sensitive, we are the only part of the body that comes with their own retractable covers (eyelids). And all people can think of is how pretty we are, and how our most valued protective covers are like pretty curtains. Poets insist on giving us meaningless names like stars and what not. We are much more than beauty queens, we must fight to ensure our place as the most intelligent organs of the human body.

Yes, that's how complex we are

Lips: Let me ask you a question: When you see a face for the first time, what part do you notice? I’m sure you are going to say eyes. That is so unfair! Any old eye can look beautiful—have you ever seen a pair of ugly eyes? I thought not. But beautiful lips are a work of art. For proof, look at George Bush; who is so ugly because he has no lips. Even poets and painters are forever infatuated with eyes. Why must we always play second fiddle to those hoity-toity organs? We must rebel to establish ourselves as the most beautiful organs.

no lips, no looks!

Nose: Once upon a time, a nose used to be the most respected organ on the face. In my golden days, nak rakhnu meant to make the person proud, and losing the nose was so important that nak katnu was equal to losing all prestige. Alas, those days are long gone, and today people only laugh about my size and shape. Let us bring our nak, and our honour, back!

Liver: Once upon a time, a liver was thought to be an important organ of the human body, as important as the heart. The liver was also supposed to be the centre of a person’s emotions and the storehouse of their love, just like the heart. In the famous fairytale Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, when Snow White’s stepmother asked her hunter to kill Snow White, she demanded that he bring back her heart and liver, which she would eat with relish.

The liver can be found featured in many such older stories, both European and Nepali, where it is given equal importance along with the heart. You must have heard the beautiful Nepali song “Rato rani fulejhai saanjhama, timi fulyau kaleji maajhama,“ which makes a reference to the liver’s importance. But alas, long gone are those days. Somewhere along the way, the heart crept in and stole all the limelight for itself. With its cute shape and pretty red colour, it has managed to hypnotise the world. Now, all the songs and stories are just about the heart. Every chat server worth its bytes has a charming icon for heart, but where is the icon for liver? Nobody even knows what a liver looks like (for the record, we are the same charming red colour as the heart and have an oblong shape). We must get our place back in the human imagination, and we must start by demanding an icon for the liver in every chat and email server in the world.

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