Dec 31, 2011

Signs of a NRN

How to know you are a NRN? Every group has its distinguishing characteristics, and so does the Nonresident Nepali. If you check three or more below, you are a certified NRN:
You open your computer before you brush your teeth in the morning.
At night, you switch the computer off after switching off the light.
Sometimes the computer may be on all through the night.
You know the rates of every phone card calling company. You can also grade them according to their service, call clarity, hassle quotient (number of times you have to punch pins) and sweetness of operator’s voice.
You have put on at least ten kgs since coming from Nepal.
The above statement is one of the reasons you don’t want to go to Nepal.
If you are a woman, you own either a chaubandi, or bakkhu, or dhaago, or any combination of them.
You make the patuka out of your least beloved shawl.
If you are a man, you own either a dhaka topi, or daura suruwal, or both.
You have cooked more momo in the U.S. than you ever ate in Nepal.
At some point, you have ordered tea at a sandwich shop, sushi bar, or fast food joint.
You are a champion at locating the best print among hundreds of “hall prints.”And you can do it mere hours after a movie is released.
Your homepage is either facebook or ekantipur, depending on your age group.
You call your workplace “kaam” instead of “office” like you used to in Nepal.
All your belongings fit in two suitcases and a hand carry.
Your room has either a Nepali flag, or a picture of Buddha, or a small corner full of assorted gods, or any combination of them.
A miniature version of one of these hangs from the rear view mirror of your car.
Of the national flag, you are tired of the question “what does the triangle shape mean?” You wanna ask back, “what the square shape mean in the first place?”
You are annoyed at the fifteen minutes that crops up when you calculate time difference with Nepal.


Pratap Shah said...

haha dd very interesting!! Loved going through it. More!!

Bal said...

True. Very creative. (I have not put on weight though.)

Prakash said...


JRB said...

very interesting sewa.
i remember another NRN test:
my bamboo-tall pakistani friend said to me- 'you know J, i never argue with a nepali guy?'
i was surprised.
asked him- 'why?'
He replied- 'my god my god, despite being dwarf, नेपाली लोंग डेन्जर होता है । उड उड के मारता है ।'

sewa said...

wow so interesting, thanks for sharing Jay Dai :)
thanks pratap, bal and prakash sir :)

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