Jan 10, 2014

unpolished ramble on desolation of smaug

i am disappointed by the second part of hobbit trilogy on screen. All the charges labeled on franchises: that they are artless money spinners, that plot lines are added only to increase TRP, seem to describe it. This is the worst movie by Peter Jackson I have seen.

When you go to see a Peter Jackson movie, you expect some stunning visuals. Some great fight scenes. And I think this movie has too few of them. Mirkwood palace is really stunning, and so is the inside of Erebor, but not enough. Fight scenes are there, some are good, like Legolas hopping on top of the dwarves' head. But there are many, many things they get wrong, Bows, for example, are not use short distance, they are a long-distance, and here we Legolas shooting at a foot's distance. (By the way, if we have Legolas, why don't we have Aragorn?) A young, sad, rockstar Aragorn? Boohoo

I did not know elves had hierarchies, much less that any elf would call her "lowly." I did not know Thranduil was so without logic (i am guessing he is not, in the cannon.) i hated the pointless scene of Gandalf wrestling with the darkness of Sauron! Gosh! For those who have no idea of LOTR and just want to enjoy a good movie, the reference to Sauron is wasted/ And for those in the know, it is annoying beyond measure to have Gandalf seem so meek and wielding a staff and sending out all those superhuman white halos, summoning Azog the defiler, what the hell is going on? and this Azog popping up everywhere, i cannot stand another minute of his pointless swaggering! the whole movie seems like just passing the time between the first and third, just making up incidents to make it three hours long, and most of it is not making sense!

This brings up the comparison with Game of thrones, and ways in which Game of Thrones is superior to LOTR. All those swarms and swarms of orcs, armies and armies of whatever those beasts are, what do they eat? where do they sleep? Tolkien, in his almost simplistic imagery, would have them feed off of "evil magicke" but in Game of Thrones, everything is accounted for, which makes it more realistic, and more difficult to write. As they say, "truth is stranger than fiction, because fiction has to make sense." Tolkien writes fiction which, because it is fantasy, does not have to make sense. Not so GRRM. Which is not to say I dislike Tolkien. I love many, many things about his work, and what I love most is perhaps what I just denounced here: the indescribable "magicke" that prevails over his work, the conviction in right and goodness that pervades from it.

And lady elf, Athelas only works in the hands of kings, that is why Aragorn was roaming nights and nights to heal people in the war, if everyone could heal with it, they would not be feeding it to pigs, and they would not call it "Kings"foil. Having said that, I must say Jackson has done a great job with Tauriel, a completely fresh character invented just for the movie. I love how she looks, behaves, fights, almost falls for Kili. "The one they call Oakenshield" is another character I love, one of the few grey characters in Tolkien's black and white world. And ho can you not love the brooding Bard, the ordinary bargeman who sets the screen on fire? But I still wish they would keep modern terms out of middle earth, even though they come from Bard's mouth. "Election" for instance, and "riots". And when legolas said "mutant", my ears almost popped out,. come on guys!!!! though having Gimli in there was sweet :)

saving the best for the last, what i loved, loved, about the movie was the dragon, smaug. the dialogue between bilbo and smaug was the best part of the movie, and the dragon looks very, very menacing. his personality, too, is well done. how the dwarfs outwit dragon is another best part, my heart was in my hands when thorin got nearly burnt. (ok one more thing i dislike about tolkien is how no one important dies, ever. except poor gay Boromir. all these miraculous escapes makes it feel like a children's story.) the story actually only got interesting in the second half with the entry of smaug,. but even then, it failed to keep up the interest. it  but i m really really looking forward to the third par, because i know it will be spectacular, with a golden dragon and all. i know the fight scenes, the chase scenes (he almost gave it to us with those dappled horses, and then did not), the spectacle, its all going to be there. and i want to see Bard crowned, and the oakenshield crowned, and Tauriel, lots more of Tauriel. Third part, please come soon!
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