Nov 28, 2015

reflections on watching tamasha

there are a few themes imtiaz ali likes to play with - and those are the only themes he will play with, turning them around and around, and yet produce something new and thought provoking every time.

How people behave out of their regular context,  how social rules confine them. How they are set free when the rules are no longer apparent. how people are afraid to break out of the social rules and do something else, be the "real you" and not who they are in confined social settings. The divide between the two worlds. The desire to extend the stay in this other world without rules. The confusion about which is the real you. The exploration of what happens when the rules you always knew, break down. When there are no rules.

People who discover how important someone is after the other person is out of their life. possibly after trying someone else.

The feeling of feeling nothing with a person you are supposed to love. Asking "that's it?" to regular love. Being inured to the regular dates and meetings. hating the predictability of it, even though there is nothing to hate in the person.

People who are transformed by the touch of someone who has seen the other side of them. People who go after the person who means so much.

The feeling of being with someone even after the other person is lost. The feeling of togetherness when apart, and loneliness when near. the feeling of not wanting what is in front of you, and going after fantasies. The success of finding it.

Don't we all struggle with this everyday, of having feelings that we think are silly to everyone else, but that keep us up all night? Aren't those what drive us, motivate us? make us sad and happy?


shahen ahmed said...

But it is possible to fall in love at first meeting (if not at first sight) without knowing each other .

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