Jan 3, 2016

reflections on bajirao mastani

This week I watched one movie that was like watching several old movies. But never did I imagine that I would watch another such movie which reminds you of several old movies, for all the wrong reasons. Why is it that bhansali cannot move away from some themes? You wonder. And then you realize that it is because these are THE themes few others in the candy floss industry of mongamy are tackling. Impossible love. Love as pride (guroor) love and social status. Illegitimate love. And finally, a love triangle where two women fight over a man, and instead end up bonding over it and loving each other. I might have dismissed this as another male-fantasy film where the man's dreams come true of women fighting for him, if Bhansali had not started his career with the cuteness overload of two men bonding who happened to love the same girl, and ending with respect for each other, And then in the middle brought up the triumph of a married woman's illegitimate love in Guzarish, I could discuss the themes in Bhansali's works for ever and ever, but I just hope he gets a little bit more creative than repeating dola re dola. 


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