Aug 28, 2016

Travel diaries - Gosainkunda

I want to put up a detailed itinerary of interesting places that I travel to. Because 2-3 such itineraries had really helped us plan this trip, and I am grateful to them, and I would like to expand and add to this community and help fellow travelers who are crazy about exploring the beauty of Nepal. 

And so that you have an idea of the speed and distance required, the four of us who traveled (except our start Richa) were walking very slowly, helping each other cope with tiredness and altitude sickness, and resting every five minutes and eating every 30. So, if we can do it, so can you. Here you go, and all the best:

Day 0
Drive from Kathmandu to Dhunche
(bus tickets available to Balaju Machhapokhari, one day before departure. Take tickets beforehand, else you may not find transport)
8 am - 230 pm

Day 1
start at 5 am - dhunche 1950 m (pituresque town with clean hotels)
930 am - deurali - 2625 m (can have tea and snacks.lunch cooked on demand. clean )
1145 am - dhimsa - 3007 m (seasonal occupation only. good dal bhat when owners are present. can stay the night)
115 pm - lunch
230 pm- chandanbari 3600 m (proper little hamlet with fancy hotel rooms, good bathrooms and good food. when you reach here you are tempted to stay the night because its so cozy. resist)
320 pm - tea
620 pm - cholangpati 3900 m (only a couple of houses. seasonal occupation. good food. good rooms)

Day 2
510 am - cholangpati
640 am - lauribinayak 4100 (?) m ()
945 am - buddha mandir 4300 (?) m
10 am - rest
1230 pm - gosaikunda 4380 m (around 5-6 lodges. good lunch, though expensive. can stay the night if desired, good rooms. but not advised, due to high altitude.)
230 pm - sightseeing
340 pm- buddha mandir
420 pm - lauribinayak
520 pm - cholangpati
545 pm - tea
745 pm - chandanbari

Day 3
7 am - start from chandanbari
8 am - dhimsa
930 am - deurali
12 pm - ghattekhola 
1 pm - dhunche
decide against lunch and buy fruits
2 pm - take sumo
7 pm - reach Kathmandu

Field notes:
1. The total distance covered (one way) is about 22-23 km. That should give you hope in case you think it's too long. (Normally we walk 4-5 kilometers in an hour on plain roads)

2. The list of available foods is very limited: tea, biscuits, dal bhat, noodles. 

3. Apart from the stops mentioned, there are no villages you encounter on the way. If the hotels are full, there is no way you can go and bass magne at a village house. So you need to be prepared to reach one destination, and not move after nightfall unless you are sure of the way, and try to make sure it is not crowded season. 

4. It can get chilly there, so a light fleece and / or windcheater and scarf are advised

5. Take precautions against altitude sickness, stop and rest as often as required, take plenty of chocolates and titaura to keep your mouth occupied, hydrate yourself constantly, and suck on garlic / ginger / timur at high altitudes. Eat chillies when possible. (I don't know how these spices work. But EVERYONE tells you they do, and they worked for me.)

5.  Pack as light as possible, because you will be carrying everything yourself. Just one change of clothes, some food, and cameras should be enough. 

6. Do not forget raincoat and / or umbrellas. Backpack cover advised.

7. Sturdy shoes

8. Sunscreen strongly advised, skin peels off otherwise.

Budget (per person)
Bus fare ktm to dhunche: Rs. 500
Rooms: Rs. 200-500
Food: Rs. 500-1000 per day
(Jeep fare: Rs. 10,000 total, if required on the way back. To book jeeps, follow signboards around town)
Total: Rs. 5-7 thousand

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